This post originally appeared on my blog on the 7th November

Over the past year and a bit I have slowly been gathering ideas in order to overhaul the ICT curriculum in our school. I now feel that it is beginning to really take shape in my head and this year I will gradually be introducing some of the new ideas before introducing it completely for next year. I have gathered ideas and inspiration from so many people via Twitter and hopefully put them together in a way that really suits our school. We teach ICT as a separate subject for all year groups from Year 8 all the way down to Nursery and I want to take full advantage of that in order to introduce some of the computing elements such as programming and computer technology. I also hope to encourage a cross-curricular use of ICT in other subjects. Already, our music and art departments cover some of the objectives that are in our current ICT plans.

I have split the curriculum into four strands through which I hope to cover everything I want the children to learn. These four strands are ….

Digital Literacy
This will cover…

  • basic keyboard and mouse skills in the Early Years.
  • An understanding of the common, key functions in most software such as Save, Open, Print, Copy and Paste.
  • Basic skills in commonly used software.
  • Touch typing
  • Internet research skills
  • Using Web 2.0 tools
  • e-Safety
  • Collaborative tools
  • Blogging
  • Copyright
  • Use of other ICT equipment – cameras / scanners / microscopes / microphones etc
  • Data v Information

Digital Creativity
Or Making Things Happen. This will include…

  • Digital art and animations.
  • Photography and Video
  • DTP
  • Web design
  • Computer programming
  • Creating Games – 2DIY / Scratch / Kodu etc
  • Control – Logo /2Go etc

Digital Technology
This will cover

  • being able to recognise basic hardware such as monitor, mouse, keyboard in Early Years
  • An understanding of bits, bytes and binary.
  • Comparing digital and analogue
  • History of computer / communication technology – i.e. “The Victorian Internet”
  • Telecommunications technology
  • The future of computer technology
  • Control technology

Digital Society
This will cover…

  • Issues relating to how ICT is used in the real world – such as computer technology in shops / hospitals etc
  • Environmental issues regarding computers such as the recycling of old technology.
  • Topics to debate such as age ratings on games / websites.
  • ICT in the News, such as the role of social media in the Arab uprisings and the Summer riots.
  • ICT in other cultures.
  • How future technology will affect our lives etc

I imagine that Digital Literacy and Digital Creativity will take up most of the curriculum and that there will be a lot of crossover between the different strands. The ideas listed above are far from the final list and I am always open to sugegstions on how it could be tweaked and if there is anything glaringly obvious I have missed.


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