The conference is being held here at Winchester House School which is why it needs to be on a day when we have no children in. The initial thought of having it during the first week of our Summer holiday proved problematical because it fell during lots of other peoples’ final week and therefore would be difficult to be released. People were also concerned that holding at the end of the term wouldn’t give much time for the day to actually influence what schools’ do in September.

This led to the June Half term being the favourite which then gave the advantage that there wouldn’t be a problem releasing staff. As @philallman1 has already mentioned he had 4 other staff lined up to attend who he won’t be able to release on a school day.

The suggestion of Monday 25th has been made because it is our Sports Day Exceat. Our Sports Day is on the Saturday and as a result all children have the Monday off but the key thing is that all admin, catering and housekeeping staff will be in on the Monday.

Therefore Monday the 25th June is the favoured day from the school’s point of view. Holding it during the Half Term could still be theoretically possible but could have implications on the cost of attending as the school would have to bring in the catering staff on an extra day.

Please comment with any thoughts regarding the date as I am desperate to get it confirmed once and for all.

Apologies for any confusion.


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  1. Donna Hay says:

    Very keen to attend but will not be able to attend during term time. Would have to be holiday or a Saturday. June half term is preferred date. @dwsm

  2. Chris Mayoh says:

    Definitely wouldn’t be released, I’m afraid. So weekend or holiday my olny chance. Hope you manage to sort something.

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