Finally the date for the RethinkingICT conference has been confirmed as Monday, 25th June. Trying to fix the date has proved very difficult and I am well aware that this date does not suit everybody and that there will be some people who have expressed an interest in attending who will no longer be able to. Unfortunately, no matter what date was suggested, there were issues and so I have had to make a decision so that we can move on and start the official registration process. There will also be a small fee to cover the costs of catering etc and I really hope that a ticket price of £10 for what promises to be a very exciting and inspirational day will not seem unreasonable.

Over the weekend I hope to start drawing up a rough outline of the day and will put together a mission statement. if anyone has any thoughts about what you would hope to achieve from the day please let me know by leaving a comment here or emailing me –



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  1. Stephen says:

    Whether people are able to attend or not, we are all grateful for the efforts you have gone to so far in organising something so close to our Educational hearts! Well done Chris!

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