One of the main inspirations that has led me to rethink the ICT curriculum in our school is a girl named Maisy. Maisy is one of the most inquisitive, creative children I’ve ever had the pleasure to teach. She constantly surprises me with the work she produces. She is always keen to learn, keen to try something new and keen to share her skills with her classmates. Sometimes she will find a different way of doing something in a piece of software and will willingly show the rest of the class. Maisy is three years old.

One of the reasons I applied for the job of Head of ICT at Winchester House School was the fact that I would get to teach all age groups from Year 8 all the way down to Nursery. I had very little experience of being in the Early Years setting and I was unsure to begin with of what to expect. I have really enjoyed working with the younger children and the abilities of children such as Maisy has led to me to try the difficult job of thinking of what Maisy will cover as she moves through the school over the next 10 years.

Yesterday I had a meeting with our Head of Nursery who has become increasingly interested, excited and inspired by the  potential of ICT in her classroom and we have been working together on some great ideas for the Summer Term. What I found really exciting was the fact that I could see real progression from the things we will be covering in Nursery all the way through my outline plans up to Year 8. My four strands for the ICT curriculum (Digital Literacy, Digital Creativity, Digital Technology and Digital Society) do fit all the way down to early years.

I would really like more Early Years practitioners with an interest in ICT to attend the RethinkingICT conference because I strongly believe that the approach to teaching and learning in the Early Years can benefit the teaching of ICT all the way through.


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