So far I have tried to keep the #RethinkingICT conference free from any form of sponsorship – whether it be from a business or organisation – in order to keep the event “neutral”. What I am aware of though is the fact that sometimes it is nice to actually try out new pieces of equipment or software and this is one of the motivations behind the “Tinker Room”. However, this relies on the good nature of people attending the conference to bring along stuff that others can “tinker” with and so I am considering setting up a room as a marketplace where companies could show off their software, new technology etc. Attendees to the conference could then decide whether they actually wanted to visit the marketplace or not.

This raises two questions…

  1. Would people attending the conference welcome a Marketplace?
  2. Would companies be willing to come along and present their goods on the chance that people may come and take a look.

As always all thoughts, opinions and suggestions are more than welcome.


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  1. mrlockyer says:

    While it is always nice to see new bits of kit etc, perhaps this conference is less to do with this, and more a sharing of minds.

  2. teachesict says:

    Agree with @mrlockyer – tinker room is a great idea for an informal room without any sales pressure. Hopefully as a result of the afternoon, contacts will be exchanged to give each other suppliers details to follow up.

  3. Chris Leach says:

    I guess my concern is making sure there is enough stuff to tinker with 🙂

    Thanks for the comments though guys – helped me clarify my thinking

    • mrlockyer says:

      CAVEAT! Having said that, if companies wanted to send 100 of something to you (mug, pen, teeshirt, pendrive) for goody bags in exchange for a mention, that would be far less intrusive, give them a bit of exposure and could put a little skip in our step! 😉

    • Pete Jeffreys says:

      How would the tinker room be resourced? If it’s for participants to provide, this could tie people up and reduce interactions, whereas engaging with some friendly companies to provide this on a ‘no hard sell’ basis would allow participants to mingle fully and fiddle with emerging technologies.

  4. This is a tricky one because you want to see new things but within a price range that makes it worth while. I think the idea of being able to give a little mention as MrLockyer has said seems like a good idea. Sadly, I have nothing that folks would want to tinker with! 😉

  5. Mr M says:

    Like most people looking at a range of resources that could be available to schools would be great, but my school doesn’t have any fancy gadgets that most don’t know about already!

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