In the afternoon of the RethinkingICT Conference there will be several breakout rooms in which people can discuss various topics relating to ICT such as Digital Leaders, Digital Studies and assessment of ICT. These will all take place in various classrooms around the school and as they will take place in different subject-specific classrooms this also gives us an opportunity to explore how ICT can be used in other subjects. So, in each of these rooms there will be the opportunity for people to contribute ideas, resources and suggestions on how ICT can be used in a certain subject. For example, the Head of History’s classroom may host the Digital Studies discussion but there will also be the opportunity to share ideas for History related ICT. My ICT room will also be open for people to try out different websites etc.

I hope to collate everything relating to the RethinkingICT day into a freely available ebook. This will include all resources mentioned during the day, transcripts of the 10 minute speakers as well as the blog posts in the #ICT500 campaign.

The main aim of the day is to bring together all the fantastic ideas that people have and through discussion build these into a fantastic ICT curriculum.

I look forward to seeing you all there.


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