In the afternoon of #RethinkingICT there will be several rooms set-up for attendees to visit and discuss various aspects of ICT. The idea of these rooms is that they will be very informal and you can visit them as and when you wish. I didn’t want the situation where people had to choose from a list and therefore potentially miss out on something really useful and interesting. In previous posts I have raised the idea of hosts for each room – this was simply to ensure that there was someone in each room who could act as a catalyst for discussion. Each room will have a whiteboard on which I hope to gather ideas and suggestions and there will be other opportunities for attendees to contribute their thoughts.

The rooms will be…

  • Digital Studies – Discussing a ‘rebranding’ of ICT
  • Digital Leaders – How can your school make the most of Digital Leaders?
  • Badges & Assessment – Discussing the use of Badges to assess ICT / Digital Studies
  • History of ICT – Does the history of ICT have a place in the curriculum?
  • Computer Science v ICT – How can we incorporate more Computer Science in the ICT Curriculum
  • ICT across the Curriculum – Sharing ideas on how ICT can be used in other subject areas
  • The Tinker Room – Opportunity to ‘play’ with a range of equipment, including the Raspberry Pi
  • ICT Suite – Opportunity to share and try out recommended websites
  • Planning Room – Opportunity to share, build and adapt your ICT plans
  • And possibly a Mobile Tech / BYOD discussion room.

There will also be space for smaller meetings to take place in.

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