Chris Leach

Since the #RethinkinGICT conference at the end of June I have been busy working on the #RethinkingICT Wiki in which I hope to produce a possible replacement or the current ICT Programme of Study. This will basically be what I use in my school from September but i thought it may be of use to others as well.

I am close to finishing the Key Stage 2 Programme of Study and would really appreciate some feedback on the first strand:

Digital Literacy

  • Pupils should learn:
  • a) how to manage their files and folders (Digital Artefacts) including on the Cloud.
  • b) how to use a wider range of Digital Tools (than in KS1).
  • c) how to communicate digitally in a safe and responsible manner (e-Safety).
  • d) how to collect, sort, search, evaluate, analyse, verify and validate data.
  • e) how to check for accuracy…

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