#RethinkingICT : Speakers Wanted

One of the successes of last year’s RethinkingICT conference was the range of people who volunteered to speak for 10 minutes during the morning. You can see the list of speakers here.

If you would like to volunteer to speak at this year’s conference please leave me a comment below or contact me via Twitter.

I would like people to speak about the challenges that will be faced with the switch to Computing from ICT.

Ticket details will be released soon.


RethinkingICT 2013

This year’s RethinkingICT (or should that now be RethinkingComputing) Conference will be held at Winchester House School on Monday 24th June.

Tickets will go on sale soon but please indicate by commenting below whether you would like to attend and also if you would like to claim one of the 10 minute presenting slots for the morning of the event.


Chris Leach

Since the #RethinkinGICT conference at the end of June I have been busy working on the #RethinkingICT Wiki in which I hope to produce a possible replacement or the current ICT Programme of Study. This will basically be what I use in my school from September but i thought it may be of use to others as well.

I am close to finishing the Key Stage 2 Programme of Study and would really appreciate some feedback on the first strand:

Digital Literacy

  • Pupils should learn:
  • a) how to manage their files and folders (Digital Artefacts) including on the Cloud.
  • b) how to use a wider range of Digital Tools (than in KS1).
  • c) how to communicate digitally in a safe and responsible manner (e-Safety).
  • d) how to collect, sort, search, evaluate, analyse, verify and validate data.
  • e) how to check for accuracy…

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I’m also going to use the to write a suggested Programme of Study for ICT

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Next step for – start local – building links with local secondary and primary schools

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RT @nightzookeeper: My brief summary of with a nod to speakers and @oliverquinlan live blogs http://t.co/T0vnnZeA @chrisl …

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Do we all generally get sucked into thinking the C stands for computing?

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“ICT is the study of how we use technology to communicate information” <— any thoughts on that statement ?

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Ok so plenty of people suggested a wiki so here it is http://t.co/6E47lyEp #workinprogress :)

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