In my initial outline of the day there are two hour long slots for people to have the chance to speak for 10 minutes about their vision and thoughts about ICT. The following people have already claimed one of those 10 minute slots each. If many more people wish to contribute then I may alter the plan for the day to accommodate them as the whole point of the day is to share ideas and collaborate.

Dr Tom Crick Leader in Wales (and board member) of Computing at School (CAS); Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Miles Berry Subject leader for ICT at Roehampton, enthusiast for open and social technology and learning. Former mathematician and headteacher.

Brian Sharland I am a head of ICT with 14 yrs exp at an ind Schl in Oxford and a lead campaigner for #digitalstudies – an upgraded ICT curriculum.

Kate Glover Having worked as a technician & adult-ed lecturer at an FE college for 8 years, I am now training to become a secondary school ICT teacher.

Mark Allen A rural primary school governor who has helped dozens of schools move to a coherent cloud-based ICT strategy.

Nic Patterson Head of ICT in 3-16 school.  Love to find new techy ways of keeping pupils interested in learning!  Organising resources for #rethinkingICT & #digitalstudies.

Vic Rodgers Representing Double Negative Visual Effects.

Ian Addison Primary School Teacher. ICT Co-ordinator. ICT Mark Assessor. Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer.

Jason Gorman Codemanship (boss), Software Craftsmanship 20xx (chair), Bletchley Park (patron), Coding In Schools (cage-rattler).

Chris Allan Head of ICT/E-Learning, Moodler, Googler, E-Learner, ICT Teacher,  Web 2.0 enthusiast, Games Based Learn(er/ing!), Apple Convert,  #ictcurric.

Eylan Ezekiel Education Agitator. Ex-teacher, ex-publisher, ex-policy wonk, ex-researcher, ex-executive manager. Instigating @ON_School

Kevin Moore ICT Teacher based in the South Lakes. Advocate of exciting, engaging and innovative ICT in the classroom.

Jan Webb A teacher with secondary and primary experience,  now an independent ICT consultant and working with Naace.

Chris Monk Educationalist and carer, interested in how we can use technology to bring the real world into the classroom.  Volunteer at The National Museum of Computing.

Sheli Blackburn AST for Drama and Creative ICT. She will be speaking about the Digital Leaders Network.

Stephen Lockyer Deputy Head. Passionate, creative, inventive, technology-obsessed. “The importance of analogue in a digital world”

Julia Skinner Retired HT passionate in all aspects of education & leadership. Founder of 100 Word Challenge.

Alan O’Donohoe Mission- Computing Science for everyone. Principal Teacher ICT, Our Lady’s, Preston. Founder- Hack To The Future #H2DF, #RaspberryJam. via Video

Neil Ford Technology Therapist, Young Rewired State 2012 Centre Coordinator, computing enthusiast and old school geek. Determined to get more kids in to coding in 2012.

Mark Anderson Head of ICT, outstanding learning & teaching geek, PGCE Mentor, TeachMeet organiser & aspiring school leader.


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  1. John Castleford says:

    I am an ICT teacher working in a school, rather bored with missives from the great and the good. ICT has evolved but the thinking hasn’t.

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